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TapZuleans at Work

TapZule is a MED-EDU-TECH company developing

cloud-based applications*



institutions, students & practitioners.

* Mobile  & Desktop Applications, Remote-Simulation Based Learning & Testing Tools. 

We create applications to serve the following purposes...

for Institutions

Medical Institutions

Help institutions, training centres & agencies conduct courses and certifications in real-time. The platform is also CBME ready, and can help medical institutions deliver CBME curriculum faster & effectively.

Customised Teaching, Learning & Testing materials are provided for several professional courses . These are made available for both institutions & students. 

Help institutions automate student work-allocations based on students performance using our proprietary AI/ML algorithms.

Help students to track progress in every clinical & non-clinical activity.

Help students prepare for qualifying exams, as per the curriculum requirements.

Help students to better understand career & specialisation options.

for Students

for Professionals

Helps professional record clinical & non-clinical work & store them on the cloud. 

Helps to connect easily with other professionals from related fields.

Helps professionals with on-line CME & certifications. 

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