On a mission to fast-track integration of technology

in all aspects of 

medical education in India & abroad.

TapZule began in the summer of 2018 with the objective of creating a cloud-based SaaS platform for medical institutions, training centres and agencies to deliver courses, tests and certifications in real-time.

With the recent shift towards Competency Based Medical Education in India and abroad, there is a definite need to invest time and money in developing and maintaining an efficient and affordable cloud-based infrastructure to conduct classes, test students and delivery world-class learning content in real-time, across various platforms.

With TapZule's innovative, highly customisable, affordable and powerful cloud-based SaaS platform, integrating technology into every aspect of medical education is now possible. 

With products such as LogIT PRO, LogIT lite, we strive to make medical education interactive, engaging and purposeful. 

In Brief...

The Problem

CBME Curriculum

Since 2019, Indian medical institutions are mandated to follow the CBME curriculum for the MBBS course. As a result, institutions, across the country have implemented the same to varying degrees of success. However, a lot more is desirable!

The CBME Conundrum

The entire Indian CBME curriculum for the MBBS programme is split into 2949 outcomes/competencies. Over 25 different assessment methods are recommended for assessing students. This is a herculean task for any faculty member, to test every student at every turn!

Archaic Infrastructure

Indian medical institutions have some sort of computer network within their institutions. However, a majority of such networks cannot be customised to conduct the CBME curriculum, either in an off-line or online mode. 

The Solution

Opinions Matter!

We heard them at the right time! In all our interactions with faculty members and curriculum planners, one message is clear-'integration of technology, into not just scheduling classes, but also in the delivery of lectures & tests is essential to completely reap the benefit'.

Immersive Learning

We strongly believe that immersive and intuitive learning is the way ahead for the Indian Medical Graduate. We are dedicated to develop customised learning content in this sphere. 

Interactive Teaching & Learning

TapZule believes that teaching and learning should be an adaptive process. Users (both faculty members and students) should rejoice their time spent on the platform. Our platforms are designed to be interactive and informative. 

Democratising Medical Education

At Tapzule, we believe that rapid advancements in medical education across the country can be brought about only by democratising it; by providing access to teaching, learning and testing materials from varied and affordable sources.

On this front, our platforms are designed to encourage qualified provider to sell their content online to both faculty members & students. 

Career Guidance & Skilling

We believe that each medical student should have enough information at their disposal (right from the 1st day) to make their transition from a medical student to dedicated and humane professional in their chosen field of speciality and work. 

We, at TapZule have developed special tools to help each and every student better understand their interests and  provide customised resources to further them.

In the future, we plan to provide special training to exceptional students. 

Community Oriented

TapZule, at the helm, is manned by a team of doctors & academicians, and technologists who have happened to have joined hands at the right time. We constantly engage with the student & teaching communities to understand their requirements and incorporate them on our platforms.  

Meet Our Team

Dr manoj hemadri

Co-founder & CEO

gokul ramamurthy

Co-founder & CTO

Abiram natarajan

Tech-Lead-Cloud Applications 

kathir suresh

Tech-Lead-Mobile Applications

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